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Advanced Installation Options

Bootstrap under a specific path

If you want the autopilot managed folder structure to reside under some sub-folder in your repository, you can also export the following env variable:

export GIT_REPO=

You should see the bootstrap/ directory under /some/relative/path/bootstrap.

Bootstrap on a specific branch

If you want to use a specific branch for your GitOps repository operations, you can use the ref query parameter:

export GIT_REPO=


When running commands that commit or write to the repository, the value of ref can only be a branch.


When running commands that commit or write to the repository you may also specify the -b, this would create the branch specified in ref if it doesn't exist.

Note that when doing so the new branch would be created from the default branch.

High Availability

You can bootstrap Argo CD in high-availability mode using the App Specifier:

argocd-autopilot repo bootstrap --app