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The Application Specifier

The application specifier is a string denoting the entrypoint to the application that you want to create. You specify it when using the --app flag in the app create and repo bootstrap commands.


Lets look at the following example of adding argo workflows v3.0.7 to project prod to better understand the structure of the application specifier:

argocd-autopilot app create workflows --app "" --project prod

In this example the app specifier is:, which is composed of three parts:

  1. The repository
  2. manifests/cluster-install: The path inside the repository to the directory containing the base kustomization.yaml
  3. ?ref=v3.0.7: The git ref to use, in this case, the tag v3.0.7


The ref that will be used to get the application manifests is calculated using the following logic:

  1. If not specified - uses the HEAD of the main branch of the repository
  2. If there is a commit with the same SHA use this commit
  3. Looks for a tag with the same name
  4. Looks for a branch with the same name

Application Type Inference

By default, argocd-autopilot will try to automatically infer the correct application type from the supported application types (currently only kustomize and directory types are supported). To do that it would try to clone the repository, checkout the correct ref, and look at the specified path for the following:

  1. If there is a kustomization.yaml - the infered application type is kustomize
  2. Else - the infered application type is directory


If you don't want argocd-autopilot to infer the type automatically, you can specify the application type yourself using the --type flag.

Local Application Path

If the application specifier is a path to a local directory on your machine, argocd autopilot will automatically detect that and use flat installation mode, meaning it would build all of the manifests and write them into one install.yaml file, which would be required by a base kustomization.yaml.

For example:

argocd-autopilot app create someapp --app ./path/to/kustomization/dir --project dev

Assuming the file ./path/to/kustomization/dir/kustomization.yaml exists, argocd-autopilot will run kustomize build, then commit the resulting manifests to the gitops repository under: apps/someapp/base/install.yaml, with the base kustomization, located at apps/someapp/base/kustomization.yaml, requiring it.